June Shin is a designer, art director, & artist based in NYC. 

Stanford d.school Yearbook

Lettering, book design
A series of lettering and book design
8 × 10.5 in.
The yearbook is Stanford d.school’s annual roundup that showcases learning, innovation, and impact from across the entire school.

Stanford d.school Graduation Ceremony

Stage graphics, signage, event program

Stanford d.school’s 2023 graduation ceremony.


Banners for the Noguchi Museum
3′6″ × 10′2″ each
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Reminders (2022) is the winner of Noguchi Museum’s 2022 Artist Banners Project. The work is presented across the Museum’s outdoor banners and will be on view until November 2023.


Logotypes for brands, including Korean adaptaions of existing logos for international organizations.